While one’s primary goal should be to save the natural tooth, it becomes inevitable to remove teeth due to factors such as extensive cavities, failed rot canal treatments or trauma.

Once one or more teeth are missing, it is necessary to replace the missing teeth to bring back the look and function. This can be achieved by manuy means like Implant, Fixed Bridge or Removable Denture.

Once it comes to replacing a tooth or number of teeth, the treatment option is unique to each case and we try to offer the best treatment option based on your case.

The advantages of dental implants are;

  • They preserve the bone preventing further bone resorption by transferring chewing load to the bone.
  • Dental implants provide a very natural looking result as they are the closest to the natural teeth.
  • Unlike fixed bridge, dental implant does not require support from adjacent teeth which makes it a more conservative alternative to replace tooth/ teeth.
  • The procedure is simple when it is done by experienced practitioner with minimal or no pain during or after treatment.
  • Dental implants offer a very predictable result.