Implant Denture

Unlike traditional dentures, implant supported removable denture are held connected and supported by implants placed in the jaw. Traditional dentures are floating over the soft tissue covering the jaw bone which result in being unstable and uncomfortable.

What is implant supported denture?

This treatment involves placing number of implants in the jaw to support future denture. The denture can be easily snap on and out to allow daily cleaning. Once denture is snapped on the implant connector, it stays stable during daily activities such as eating or talking. This is considered a more stable and desirable denture compare to traditional denture. This is also a more economic option compare to crowns and bridges when several or all teeth are missing.

What is the process for implant supported removable dentures?

It starts with assessing your health and amount of bone. Some health issues such as osteoporosis can negatively effect on the success of implant. The other factor to consider is the amount of bone presents to allow enough support for placing implants. Dr. Korshid assess many factors including X-rays and CT scan to provide a comprehensive treatment fitted for your specific case.

In surgical appointment, several implants places in the jawbone. Upon healing of bone around implants, connectors placed and denture made to fit and supported by implants.

Benefits of implant supported denures

There are many benefits with Implant supported denture when number of teeth are missing

  • The denture look like natural teeth providing cosmetic results specially with interacting with others
  • Implant supported dentures are stable and are not getting loose when talking or chewing
  • Provide normal bite and chewing function which result in better digestion of food and health
  • Implants prevents bone loss by sending impulses to the bone