What are dental implants?

Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth, to secure bridges or to help increasing retention for loose dentures. A dental implant has three components: a screw type anchor which is placed under the gum (in the bone), the custom-made tooth (or teeth) , and a connector ( abutment) attaching the ther two components to each other.

What’s involved in getting a Dental Implant?

in the first phase, the implant itself is placed under the gum in the bone. This procedure is done comfortably while the area has had a local anesthetic. There is no sensation that an implant is present – it becomes a completely accepted part of the body. The procedure is pain free with monimum or no discomfort after the operation.

In 4-5 months, the implant is receiving the abutment followed by fabrication and insertion of crown, bridge or denture.

Am I too old / young to have missing teeth replaced?

Implants can be placed any time after the growth of jaw has been completed, normally after age 18th.

I have a medical condition. Am I still a candidate for dental implants?

Generally speaking, if a person’s medical condition allows them to have routine dental treatment, such as having a tooth removed, they can also have an implant placed. Certain medical conditions do require that precautions are taken. Conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease that are under control with medication are usually not an obstacle to receiving dental implant treatment. We will review your medical history with you and guide you to the best, and safest, choices.

I’ve had partials/dentures for years.Do I have more stable and comfortable option?

Having removable dentures are not limiting factors for implants. Implants can completely replace your old bridge or denture with ‘permanent’ teeth; or we can use implants to stabilize and secure removable dentures.

Does smoking affect my implant?

Smoking can lower the success rate of implants, but this does not exclude a person from getting them. Even if someone has smoked heavily for many years and stopped, placing implants can still be highly successful.

Why should I chose Vancouver Implant for my implant needs?

Implant dentistry is way more than placing an implant. An experienced operator with cosmetic knowledge of teeth can provide a superb result. Dr, Korshid has many years of experiences not just in Implant placement, but in cosmetic restoration of bite and smile.